Leaked EGX Photos Hint At New Total War Game

Leaked EGX Photos Hint At New Total War Game

EGX, formerly known as the Eurogamer Expo, is set to kick off tomorrow and it we are going to be getting an announcement of a new Total War game at the event.

NeoGaf user Kyonashi, who claimed to help set up booths at the event, snagged a couple photos of Creative Assembly’s booth for the event. Kyonashi has since removed the photos from his post on NeoGaf, but not before we got a hold of them for your viewing. The branding is obscured with plastic wrapping, likely to avoid a full leak of what’s beneath, but it gives a decent enough glimpse at what the setting of the game might be.

The juicy image shows a portrait of a man that has long black hair and is wearing some sort of scaled plate armor. A red, almost fiery background is behind him and golden text of Total War can be seen to his far right.

If we follow Creative Assembly’s recent history with the Total War series, they have been releasing sequels to their previous entries as of late. Most notably, the last two releases were Total War: Shogun 2 and Total War: Rome II. That being said, the only entry that hasn’t had a sequel in nearly eight years and featured heavily armored units would suggest that this could in fact be Total War: Medieval III.

Another theory would be that this is the fruit of Sega and Creative Assembly’s partnership they formed with Games Workshop at the end of 2012 to create Warhammer games. A Total War: Warhammer game would be simply incredible to see and instantly go to the top of my wishlist, but the lack of any Games Workshop logos on the booth would suggest that might not be the case. Total War: Arena, an announced free-to-play RTS/MOBA hybrid by the company could also be the culprit, but considering it has already been announced and has a metal textured logo I believe Total War: Medieval III or an entirely new scenario being the likely answer.

You can check out the handful of images below to make your own deductions. Let me know what you think the next Total War game will be in the comments below!