Leaked Offscreen Footage Shows Evolve’s Third Monster the Wraith

Leaked Offscreen Footage Shows Evolve’s Third Monster the Wraith

Looks like we finally know what the third monster to be included in Evolve is, with new footage showing off the Wraith.

The Wraith has been long awaited and was supposedly glimpsed briefly during a recent story trailer released by developer Turtle Rock Studio. Thanks to YouTube user Krystian Wicherejlk, we now have our first significant footage of the final beast in action.

In the footage you see the last set of hunters to be revealed, Parnell, Abe, Caira and Cabot, hunting for the creature in a forest beset with rain. Letting their guard down for a moment, the Wraith quickly appears and snatches Cabot before darting off into the air while seemingly creating hologram like duplicates of itself throw the hunters off its tracks.

The creature appears to have some insect and squid like properties to its design, reminding me of the Lictor and Hive Tyrant Tyranids from Warhammer 40,000 in certain ways. It seems to be much quicker than the tank like Goliath and the methodical floating fortress nature of the Kraken, as it zips around the battlefield like a child hopped up on caffeine to create confusion. My early assumption based on the footage is that the Wraith will likely be a low survivability creature that will be extremely efficient in the right hands, meant for a more advanced or seasoned player to utilize.

You can watch the full video below to checkout the Wraith for yourself. Evolve releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC February 10th, 2015.