Learn About Switching Between Angel and Demon Forms in New Rise of Mana Screens and Info

Learn About Switching Between Angel and Demon Forms in New Rise of Mana Screens and Info

Remember that surprisingly fun looking iOS and Android title, Rise of Mana, that was announced recently? Today new screenshots for the title were released, as well as some info on the world, characters and gameplay.

First off, players can actually choose the gender of both the angel and demon sides of the protagonist in any combination, which is a really cool feature. The female and male counterparts even have different names: the Angel names are Aria and Rain, respectively, and the Demon names are Iris and Van, respectively.

Players move the character by tapping the screen where you want the character to move to, like an autorun feature essentially. The hero can take pets with them into battle to have them cast magic; not only that but online friend’s pets can also be brought to a fight to utilize their magic skills.

Naturally online friends themselves can aid your character in a boss battle. This allows players whose protagonist is normally too weak to fight a boss to successfully challenge and defeat it.

The battle system is pretty straightforward: you can attack enemies with a regular attack or use a weapon skill to strike for more damage. There’s also the “Turned” system that involves switching between the Angel and Demon sides, which is absolutely vital to succeed in combat since each form has different attack skills.

Other benefits of this system include being able to recover some damage taken in battle and being able to activate multiple weapon skills in a row without the cooldown period that’s normally necessary. The draw back is that Turned can’t be re-used again in the same battle.

The Turned system plays an important role outside of battle as well. The “Soul Voice” mechanic allows the Demon or Angel to hear the secret thoughts of NPCs and depending on the person, only one form or another can hear it. Additionally, when one form is speaking to a NPC the conversation may be normal, but if you switch to the opposite form, it might change to provide you with important information.

All in all, this sounds to me like a really unique and fun game. I certainly wouldn’t mind picking it up if it ever came to the States. You can check out the new batch of screenshots posted below.