Learn About the Three Levels of Dribble Control in NBA LIVE 14

Learn About the Three Levels of Dribble Control in NBA LIVE 14

EA Sports recently delved into the three levels of ball-handling control in their upcoming next-gen title, NBA LIVE 14. The dribble control allows players to mix and match different moves in order to create a unique moveset that caters to your offensive needs.

The first level moves are basic handles like crossovers, hesitations, behind the back and so on, all controlled by simple flicks and holds on the right stick:

Level two moves take things to the next level, adding some more motion and momentum to your dribbles as you chain together moves to lure your opponent to take a wrong step or move out of position. There’s a rhythm to these moves, as you transition from one to the next so you’re not simply jamming the thumbstick in multiple directions in order to try and catch a lucky break in the animations. Think of these as setup moves, where you can lure a defender into a screen or create the space you need for a quick, uncontested jumper:

Last, but likely most important, are the level three moves or the signature moves. These ankle-breakers are most effective when your opponent has been properly set-up, pulled out of position and is scrambling to recover. All it takes at this point is one well-timed signature move and you’re past his hip and on your way to the hoop:

The trailers posted above all show off the various types of handle control in NBA LIVE 14 .