Learn All You Need To Know About Splinter Cell With Ubisoft’s Newest Blacklist 101 Trailer

Learn All You Need To Know About Splinter Cell With Ubisoft’s Newest Blacklist 101 Trailer

If there’s anything you’ve missed about the upcoming Splinter Cell: Blacklist, then Ubisoft’s newest Overview trailer, which you can view below, gives you the 101 on everything you need to know.

Told through the recently introduced Charlie Cole, the resident Tech Ops Specialist on protagonist Sam Fisher’s team, he gives our hero–and us–all we need to know on the game, including:


Your Team

Consisting of both Isaac Briggs, a CIA Special Operations sniper who can hit a lemon from a 1,000 yards away, and Anna Grimsdottir, the mission Control specialist, neither of whom seem to like Cole, but will help you get the job done.

Your Tools

Run by Grimsdottir and operated by Cole, the Strategic Mission Interface, or SMI, is basically your movie military super computer, which can compiles scores of data in real time at incredibly speeds, which can be fed to Fisher as he does his mission.

With each successful mission and varying degrees of said success, your team–who already have been outfitted with a ton of money and tech that makes video game conventions explainable–can earn more money, which can be allocated to new weapons, new gadgets, upgrades for your mobile airship base, the Paladin, and more.

Your Playstyle

Splinter Cell: Blacklist will offer multiple approaches to gameplay. While Cole suggests mixing and matching all three depending on the situation, players can have a :

  • Ghost approach: undetected and non-lethal.
  • Panther approach: invisible and deadly.
  • or Assault Approach: with a “leave no witnesses” philosophy.


Not only are there missions where Fisher can team with Briggs for a sort of more subtle Army of Two style of gameplay on Co-op missions, but “Spies VS Mercs” returns, with spies trying to steal valuable information, with mercs defending. As in previous iterations, the mercs will play in a first-person view, relying on shooter mechanics, while spies will have third person stealth mechanics, similar to Fisher.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is coming soon, and set to release on August 20th of this month, to the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U.

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