Learn the Art of Self-Slaughter in Suicide Guy, Coming to Nintendo Switch in May

Try to wake yourself up in Suicide Guy, a dark puzzler where you use the amazing powers of a fat, middle-aged slob, beer gut not included.

on April 29, 2018 12:31 PM

Comparing Suicide Guy to most other games is quite difficult, unless you like committing horrible atrocities towards your playable characters. While that selfish act is often too easy in any other game, Suicide Guy generates a different platform of puzzling in where the main character has to try and kill himself over and over again to escape his dream. Gamers can expect the Nintendo Switch release on May 10.

Suicide Guy is about a middle-aged man who is dreaming, and it is the player’s job to wake him up before something tragic happens. You need to find various ways to die by puzzling your way through this world of dream and faux death. Use various items throughout to try and off yourself before you actually die.

There are a total of 25 levels to conquer in the main character’s dream. Pick up and throw items, or even burp yourself to safety as the lumpy hero that you are and save your carnivalesque body before it is too late.

Massacre yourself to victory with Suicide Guy on the Nintendo Switch, scheduled for its May 10 release. It is also available for purchase on Steam and the PS4. Want to know more about what the game is about? Check out the trailer below:

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