Learn How To Dominate in “Crysis 3” With Crytek’s New Beta Multiplayer Gameplay Tutorial

on January 28, 2013 4:56 PM


We’ve covered a lot of Crysis 3 material in recent months, including the announcement of its Open Beta and its new modes, like Hunter Mode. Today, Crytek has released a new video concerning both, through a tutorial that aims to help players learn to dominate their foes in the upcoming Open Beta, which begins tomorrow, Jan 29, 2013.

The video–which you can see below–demonstrates the features of the two gameplay modes that will be available in the Open Beta: the aforementioned “Hunter Mode” and “Crash Site”.

Hunter Mode is “an intense competition of survival”, with up to 14 heavily equipped Troopers paired up against 2 permanently cloaked Hunters using Predator Bows. When Troopers are killed by a Hunter, they respawn as a Hunter themselves, eventually leaving one Trooper left to fend for his life.

Crash Site is a survival-based mode that “reimagines” the genre, where two teams of players take control of random areas on the map with the ability to use the environment itself as a weapon. Each player will be given several options of nanosuits with different loadouts. Pods will be dropped into random areas of the maps periodically, tasking players to find them, “capture them”, and even use them against enemies.

“Pingers” are also debuting, Crysis 3‘s version of Mecha, and may be dropped onto a map to turn the tide of a battle immensely. Players can destroy a Pinger (after much effort), or climb it and take it over GTA style. The battle will end after 150 points have been made by a single team, or decided by which team has more points after ten minutes of play.

The “New York Feed” will also make a debut, a map that not only details a player’s accomplishments, but gives them custom made challenges to conquer.

Crysis 3 is coming up soon, and will be available on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC come Feb 19, 2013. You can sign up for the Beta via the Crysis website.

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