Learn How One God of War Voice Actor Prepared for the Role of Kratos

Learn How One God of War Voice Actor Prepared for the Role of Kratos

The voice of Kratos from the Brazilian version of God of War discusses his process of bringing the character to life in a new video.

Whether you like the God of War games or not, there’s no denying that the series’ protagonist Kratos has one of the most recognizable voices in gaming history. Recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment recently released a new video in the leadup to God of War that offers some more insight into the process of creating the voice of Kratos.

Instead of focusing on the English-speaking version of Kratos for this video, we instead are introduced to a voice actor from another region. Ricardo Juarez is the voice of Kratos for the Brazilian version of God of War and he is featured in the video to discuss his own process of voicing the character.

Juarez talks in the video about how the Kratos we saw in the past was in a constant state of rage a, therefore, was often seen screaming and yelling. In the new God of War, he says he had to learn to balance this past fury with the new, calmer tone that Kratos now has as a father. While the anger is still there, it’s now subdued and Juarez wanted to make sure that came across in his own performance.

You can find the full video featuring Juarez at the bottom of this page. As I’m sure you already know, God of War is at long last due out later this week on April 20, exclusively for PS4. In the meantime, be sure to check out our review of the game to hold you over until that time.