Learn About the Production of Sonic Mania Adventures in New Video

Learn About the Production of Sonic Mania Adventures in New Video

SEGA has released a brand new video that delves into the production of Sonic Mania Adventures, their animated YouTube short series.

Between March’s SXSW presentation and the July 17 launch of Sonic Mania Plus, SEGA released Sonic Mania Adventures, a five-part animated series on YouTube. The series went over extremely well, and now SEGA is giving people a closer look at the series’ production in a new Behind the Scenes video.

The video features Sonic Mania Adventures’ Director Tyson Heese and Lirit Rosenzweig-Topaz, Executive Producer of the series at animation studio Neko Productions. Tyson starts off the video by explaining that Sonic Mania Plus spawned from the positive reception to Sonic Mania’s opening animation, and how they worked with Sonic Team and come up with episode concepts and bring the story to life.


Lirit then explains how about fifteen to eighteen people worked on animated each episode of Sonic Mania Adventures, and explains Neko Productions’ animation process. The video ultimately culminates with Tyson and Lirit explaining how the short ties Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces, and Sonic Mania Plus together and keeps things fresh by introducing new characters and situations each episode.

You can check out the Behind the Scenes video below. Sonic Mania Plus is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and you can pick it up right now on Amazon. You can also check out DualShockers’ review of the game.

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