Learn About Star Citizen’s Alien Languages in New Video

Learn About Star Citizen’s Alien Languages in New Video

Star Citizen‘s official YouTube page has been updated with another installment of the Around The Verse web series.

This week’s entry comprises a Special Edition because it features an extended interview with Britton Watkins, who worked on Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Britton is working with the development team as their xenolinguistics speciallist, tasked with creating the original alien languages spoken by the many races of Star Citizen.

The video is informative, We to hear some of the languages being spoken, such as Vanduul. Interestingly, Britton is fluent in Na’vi, a language from the record breaking blockbuster film Avatar. He discusses the process of creating a new language, choosing phenology, symbology and other elements aiming to create a “powerful” sounding language to match the powerful Vanduul, while also striving to maintain a touch of elegance.

Another language he is creating for the game is that of the alien race named Xi’An.

Development of Star Citizen is ongoing, with no specific release date available. View the new video below.