Learn the Tactics of Survival With “Aliens: Colonial Marines”‘ New Tactical Multiplayer Trailer

on January 30, 2013 5:52 PM

SEGA and Gearbox Software have yet another gameplay trailer out (which you can see below), this time showcasing the tactics of multiplayer battles in Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The trailer shows off the same action and horror as the recent Kickass trailer, TV commercial, Survivor trailer, Escape trailer, and screenshots that have been so far released, but this time details what gamers should expect out of the Marines and the Xenomorphs.

Xenomorphs, for example, will have “Xeno Abilities” and special classes, like:

  • Multi-Surface Movement: with the ability to camouflage on walls and ceilings and attack marines when they least expect it.
  • Smoke Screens: the ability to emit thick clouds of smoke to conceal position.
  • Boiler: Kamikaze like attack that showers nearby enemies with acid.
  • Spitter Class: Xenos with the ability to spit acid at marines from a long distance.
  • Crusher Class: Xenos with bullet-proof crests, high resistance, and a deadly charge.

Our good ol’ Marines, on the other hand, will have at their disposal special weapons and abilities, like:

  • Revive Teammate: the ability to resuscitate downed allies.
  • Shotguns: powerful, short range weapons that are extremely effective in tight spaces.
  • M56 Smart Gun: a long range weapon with heavy firepower; has infrared target-tracking system and electrical pulse action.
  • M240 Incinerator Unit: “fires” lethal bursts of intense flames.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be coming real, real soon, less than two weeks away on February 12, 2013, for the PS3 and Xbox 360. If these trailers are getting your adrenaline going, you may want to check out our Hands On Preview or check out the Pre-Orders Incentives trailer, while you’re here.

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