Learn What it’s Like to Be a Survivor in a Zombie Infested World in Dying Light’s First Trailer

Learn What it’s Like to Be a Survivor in a Zombie Infested World in Dying Light’s First Trailer

Techland is working on a type of game that seems to be a dying (pun intended) breed this day in age–a horror game that doesn’t focus on flashy fighting moves and lots of guns but instead features pure survival, from the point of view of an average person who’d rather not fight the undead horde. Dying Light will be coming in 2014 to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

A few survivors, the player included, make runs outside in order to scavenge for food, medicine and supplies. Even though daytime is by far the safest time to travel, the urban expanse is still overrun with tons of zombies. The player must decide how to proceed in each situation: do you fight the zombies here, run away and dodge their attacks or figure out creative ways to distract them? Running and maneuvering around obstacles in the game looks smooth and seamless, similar to Mirror’s Edge. And the protagonist has a support communicating with him, which helps with not dying.

You can also make interesting choices in the game that affects how the world (and plot) unfolds. For instance, during a scavenger mission, the protagonist hears someone’s voice an abandoned and locked building. Do you rescue them? Or simply continue with your mission? Another moral dilemma comes in the form of enemies that are not fully infected. They’ve only just began to turn but can still pose a threat, even while begging for their life.

Other survivors, known as Vultures, are very violent, heavily armed and compete with the protagonist for supplies. In these cases, it’s best to back away because the main character doesn’t stand a chance. The worst danger lies at the sun’s setting, which means that the zombies become horrendously powerful and the game turns completely stealthy. If the protagonist is caught outside the base at nightfall, he must survive until dawn using his special Night Vision. If he gets spotted, the game becomes a frenetic chase in which he must run for his life as the powerful zombies hunt him down.

Dying Light looks absolutely incredible and truly has that survival horror feel. I’m dying (no regrets) to play it soon.