Leaving Lyndow Launching on PS4 in North America on July 27; Receives New Trailer

Indie adventure game and walking simulator Leaving Lyndow will be making its PS4 debut on July 27 in North America.

on July 20, 2017 2:12 AM

Eastshade Studios announced today that its indie adventure game Leaving Lyndow will finally be making its appearance on PS4. The game will release on PS4 in North America on July 27, 2017. No official price point has been announced just yet, however the game may launch at $3.99 if it matches its current Steam price. Alongside announcing the official PS4 release date, we also received a new trailer, which can be seen below.

Originally released on PC in February 2017, Leaving Lyndow is a first-person exploration adventure game that takes place in the Eastshade universe. The game follows Clara, a recent high honor graduate and newly joined member of the Guild of Maritime Exploration as she visits her favorite places, completes her preparations and says her final goodbyes. The game is meant to be a short, peaceful adventure that offers mini-games and to reveal the story. The developers state that Leaving Lyndow was designed to be short and sweet, allowing players to complete the adventure in one sitting. Since its release on Steam, the title has maintained a ‘Very Positive’ overall rating among Steam players.

Leaving Lyndow is currently available on PC via Steam for $3.99. It is scheduled to release on PS4 in North America on July 27, 2017.

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