Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Impressions

The lights go out, and all you can hear is the breathing of the three other individuals in the room with you. There is a chill of fear that runs through your body, as you start to hear the cacophonous sound of voices singing in a chilling sort of harmony. One of the other people in the room with you moves to the window, and tells the rest of you to get in place on the second story. As you run upstairs, you hear the sound of breaking glass, followed by a loud explosion and the smell of searing dead flesh.As you look out the second story window, you see an army of undead running full speed toward your location. The man who was downstairs sprints up the stairs and aims his shotgun down the stairway, while the other two people with you are shooting out of the second story windows. Filled with fear, you know the only thing that you can do is stick with these other survivors and hope that you can find a way to escape before the zombies get you. So you pick up your gun and go towards the window and start shooting. I guess you never really had another choice…

With the release of the demo for Left 4 Dead 2, I figured I would get some hands on time and give some impressions of the demo. The use of the source engine was the biggest disappointment, as I feel there are much more impressive engines around now. I think that it is time for Valve to really come out with something more fitting of this generation. The blacks seemed a tad too overpowering. Rooms have no light peeking in whatsoever and if you are in a dark room, the lighting effects seem a little unrealistic, but maybe that adds to the whole theme of the game. Also, there were no real surprises with the game, it is exactly what you would expect. Multitudes of zombies flood the screen and you and your teammates go to town, picking up weapons and mowing down anything undead. The only real changes that can be made is new campaigns, new weapons, and new zombies, and Valve has introduced all of these things. The demo does

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the game great justice, as it has even more zombies swarming than I remember from the first iteration. On my personal gaming rig, it runs beautifully on high settings and the sound is robust, but the sound and graphics are not close to the higher end PC games.

The demo was very entertaining, even after 5 playthroughs, there was still something satisfying about getting more kills with melee and with weapons, tying to get past the whole thing without dying, or even without getting hit. These types of challenges are what kept me coming back. The one drawback is that you depend on other people, and as you know, a lot of people who play online games are DICKS and will let you die because they are trying to John Rambo some zombies. The game does a great job building a sense of panic when you realize you have become separated from your group. Without your group, you are much more susceptible to the zombie gang bangs that are sure to ensue.

This game looks like it would only be a time killer for myself, since the lack of a solid storyline would only lead to me sporadically playing the game online to let off some aggression. Also, I feel that this game will start to stagnate for myself, because there are only so many times that I can really play a game like this; however, if you find yourself happy with the game, then I can’t say anything to change your mind. All I have to say is, grab some friends, get online and play this until November 17th and then enjoy the full game.

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