Left 4 Dead 3 Potential Teaser Trailer Appears Online, But It's Almost Positively Fake

A strang trailer supposedly teasing a new Left 4 Dead game popped up online today, but it seems fake.

By Logan Moore

May 2, 2019

This afternoon, a random new teaser trailer for what is seemingly supposed to be Left 4 Dead 3 appeared online via a YouTube channel that contains no other uploaded videos. The trailer doesn’t have a proper title– it does include the date of June 11, 2019–but due to the trailer’s ending shot, it’s apparent what is being teased here.

Unfortunately, this video likely isn’t real in any way and is instead just a trailer made by fans. The key giveaway to this being fake, in my own opinion, is that at one point during the trailer we can see a box of Life cereal. The fact that a licensed product such as this would make it into a trailer of this nature to me draws the conclusion that this isn’t real. You almost never see licensed products from the real world appear in video games and unless Valve has a deal with Quaker Oats, that means this is probably a fake trailer.

Still, I have to say that this video in question is extremely impressive if it is made by fans. The work on display here looks completely legitimate and if not for that Life box showing up, I’d be much more hesitant to think it’s fake. I’m not sure who made this trailer, but I hope that making other creations like this is their day job. And if it isn’t, then they should seriously consider pursuing a career in something like this.

You can check out the trailer in question below. What do you think? Is there any legitimacy that this is actually a trailer for the real Left 4 Dead 3 or is it likely fake? Be sure to chat with me down in the comments about it.

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