Left Alive's Survival Action Shown in New Gameplay Featuring All Three Protagonists

Left Alive's new gameplay video features protagonists Leonid, Olga, and Mikhail along with some Wanzer piloting action.

February 22, 2019

Square Enix published a new 14-minutes gameplay video for Left Alive, featuring both” survival action” and story parts.

As a reminder, Left Alive has 3 protagonists, the Wanzer pilot of the Rutenian army Mikhail, the Novoslava police officer Olga, and the Novoslava liberation movement’s second-in-command Leonid, with each chapter having us control one of the three.

The new gameplay video starts with a chapter featuring Leonid, which is one of the rare times we’ve got to see him in action. While there is no difference with how all three characters play, the items they tend to find are different. For example, Mikhail will end up finding more weapons, while Olga will have more items on her path to craft with. You can swap items between all three characters by using the item boxes scattered through Novoslava, most of the time found near recovery stations. Each item box is independent, so you’ll have to check the same item box with another character to get the items back.


The gameplay sequence puts the spotlight on Leonid’s story and how he believes he was betrayed by the Novoslava liberation movement’s leader. Meanwhile, Olga ends up meeting her ex-commanding officer during her time in the Garmoniya army, the same army currently invading Novoslava. The last part has Mikhail stealing and piloting a Wanzer. It’s been nearly two years since this Front Mission spinoff was announced in September 2017 and it’s nice to know we’ll finally be able to play it soon.

Left Alive will be out in Japan on February 28 for PS4, and on March 5 in the west on PS4 and PC via Steam, and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. Director Toshifumi Nabeshima shared with us Square Enix may consider bringing the game to other platforms after its initial launch, so maybe it’ll come to Xbox One or Switch too. You can check our recent coverage of the game below:

Iyane Agossah

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