Left Alive Latest Gameplay Shows Survival Action; Minimal Online Features Teased

Left Alive's latest stream revealed more gameplay and information. Director Nabeshima also teased online features, but stressed out it is not multiplayer.

December 12, 2018

Square Enix revealed more information for Left Alive during a live stream today, held with Project Manager Kouchirou Sakamoto and Director Toshifumi Nabeshima.

Here are the main tidbits they talked about on stream. Some of the information was already revealed in the past, while some are new.

You don’t choose between Mikhail, Olga, or Leonid, three main characters, at the start. Rather, the game is divided into chapters and each chapter has a different character you play as. Successive chapters don’t necessarily alternate between each character either. There are patterns where you must play Mikhail in one chapter, Olga in the next, and then Mikhail again.


Items aren’t shared between characters. However, as their stories all take place in the same city of Nova Slava, if you leave an item somewhere in a chapter, and go there with another character later, you’ll be able to pick it up.

All three characters play the same, and they have no difference in strength or the like. Their equipment is different, however. For example, Olga, as a police officer, is the only one with a stun gun. As previously stated, as you progress the game you won’t earn much ammunition or powerful weapons, and the game shouldn’t be considered as a Third Person Shooter.

Your choices during the story and the way you play the game, in general, affects the rest of the story and the ending you’ll get.

At 35:49 till 38:32, they showed the in-game map and explained the various indications it has. Small red markers are your main objective. Moreover, you can tell the danger level of a zone by its color. Red means its very dangerous and you’ll probably die if you go there without a proper strategy. Orange means there are enemies there but not as dangerous. Blue zones are safe zones.

If you attack an area guns blazing, you can be sure its surroundings will turn into a red danger zone very fast, as enemy soldiers will be attracted by the commotion. As such, you can also use this system to create diversions, creating a safe route to go through by manipulating the danger zones.

Another gameplay sequence was shown from 43:50 to 45:45. It’s a very early chapter in the game, where you control Olga. As it’s very early, she’s only carrying a handgun and a few items, including her stun gun. You can also use various tools like steel pipes as close-range weapons, but they will break after multiple uses.

Lastly, from 49:20 to 50:10 another gameplay sequence is shown, played by famous Square Enix Producer Shinji Hashimoto. The full video of Hashimoto-san playing the game will be published later. Since he loves First Person Shooters, they basically made this video as a joke to show you of fast you’ll die in Left Alive if you rush in blindly as you can do in most FPSs.

As for Wanzers and how much you get to pilot them, they said it’s difficult to answer this, as it really depends on the situation and each player’s playstyle.

Last but not least, they answered a question many asked, if Left Alive has multiplayer or online elements. The answer is no. The game was developed purely with a sole player experience viewpoint, so they did not include multiplayer elements. There’s no coop, or some kind of functionality allowing you to fight other players. However, Director Nabeshima teased “Nowadays it’d be bad to have no online functionalities at all, so there’s something interesting in the game if you’re connected online while playing, But again, don’t expect something like multiplayer”.

They also said how you shouldn’t worry about not being familiar with the Front Mission series, you can totally get in Left Alive as is. And of course, if you enjoy Front Mission, you’ll like the game as well, as they’re connected. In fact, during the stream, it was quite funny how Sakamoto-san mistakenly called the game “Front Mission” instead of “Left Alive“.

You can watch Left Alive‘s latest trailer here. It was also shown multiple times during the stream.

Left Alive releases on PC and PS4 in the west on March 5 after hitting Japan on February 28, and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. Director Toshifumi Nabeshima also told DualShockers that Square Enix may consider bringing the game to other platforms after its initial launch.

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