Left Alive PS4 Version has Gone Gold, PC Version Still Being Tweaked; New Live Gameplay

Square Enix revealed more gameplay for Left Alive on stream and announced the PS4 version of the game is complete.

February 19, 2019

Square Enix revealed new live gameplay for Left Alive on today’s “Left Alive live show vol.2” live stream. We also learned that the PS4 version of Left Alive has gone gold. Meanwhile, the PC version of the game is still being tweaked, but it shouldn’t take long, seeing it releases only a few days after the PS4 version in Japan, along with the western release.

The new gameplay sequence starts at the 19:32 mark, and shows part of Chapter 6, which is much more advanced than anything we’ve seen so far. They decided to show this as many people asked them how the game feels like in later, harder missions. And indeed, the AI seems to be a bit more intelligent and threatening there compared to early stages. Chapter 6 has players controlling Mikhail, and in particular, the sequence shown has him in a building with an NPC he must protect. You’ll need to use everything at your disposal to stop the enemies pouring in. We also see how the weight you carry affects the characters, and how carrying a gatling makes you considerably slower. Left Alive often has defense-focused segments like that, and you’ll always have a small amount of time to prepare before enemies start closing in.


Actress Miki Yanagi, who is the one playing, ends up dying at 28:10, so they restart the sequence again a few seconds later. This time she brilliantly clears the sequence, and it shows how used to games she is. That talk at the beginning of the stream about having 100% cleared Kingdom Hearts III wasn’t for show. The gameplay continues at 51:00, showing more of Chapter 6.

You can also take a look at a quick unboxing of the Japanese ultimate edition of the game at 1:06:00, which includes a peek at the artbook by Yoji Shinkawa, which is around 80 pages.

Left Alive‘s theme song was also previewed in a new commercial. The song is by the wolf-headed rock band Man With A Mission and is titled “Left Alive” like the game.

The theme’s single will release on February 28, and it has a really cool cover art by Shinkawa. Square Enix also hired Panther, a pretty famous Japanese comedy trio for an upcoming video where they’ll basically play at Left Alive in real life. The game also got Line stamps. It shows Square Enix really put a lot of money on the table for the Left Alive‘s promotion and how they definitely treat it as a big game. Hopefully, it won’t disappoint when it’s in our hands.

Lastly, a pretty cool time-lapse video of Yoji Shinkawa drawing the game’s protagonists was published too.

Left Alive will be out in Japan on February 28 for PS4, and on March 5 in the west on PS4 and PC via Steam, and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. Director Toshifumi Nabeshima also told DualShockers that Square Enix may consider bringing the game to other platforms after its initial launch. You can check our recent coverage of the game below:

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