Left Alive Details How Online Features Work; New Trailer and Characters

Here's why Left Alive's sole female protagonist Olga gets engulfed in the war, how the game's online functionalities, New Game + works, and the new trailer.

January 14, 2019

Square Enix published a new cinematic trailer for Left Alive, along with new information on the game’s story, characters, its online features, and the New Game + functionality.

The story details concern Olga, one of the protagonists of Left Alive. As a reminder, the game is divided into chapters, and each chapter puts players in the role of one of the three protagonists: Olga, Mikhail, and Leonid. Chapters don’t necessarily star all three sequentially either.

Olga’s side of the story starts as she was busy with her job as a police officer, investigating a string of kidnappings in Nova Slava. As she ends up in the city’s slums, she meets a girl named Yulia, but the two of them soon get separated as the Garmoniyan army attacks the city. Amidst the chaos, Olga will manage to find Yulia again, but Yulia refuses her protection and runs off alone. It seems Yulia’s behavior is linked with the secret behind the war.


Next, let’s go over the new characters. Keep in mind there was no English press release covering them yet, so the spelling of the names might be different than the official version.

First, we’ve got Andrei Kurinovich Bordin, a Garmoniyan officer who used to be Olga’s superior during her time in the army. While his army is invading Nova Slava, he’s acting solo pursuing a mysterious agenda.  He ends up assassinating doctor Lavrov, the main suspect behind the string of kidnapings Olga was investigating, and will persistently seek Olga, for an unknown reason.

Next is Yulia’s profile. Her full name is Yulia Pavlovna Smirnova. She’s living in an orphanage. Her parents were killed as they were advocates of Nova Slava’s independence from Garmoniya. After meeting Olga once, she wanders Nova Slava alone, even thought the city turned into a battlefield.

A new type of Wanzer was introduced as well, the Zilarni P3. Developed by the Dimitri Corporation, the top of its body is flattened, allowing it to transport infantry. It can also transform its legs, to lower its height. This reduces its overall frame, making it harder to get targetted.

Next, we’ve got some new game system details. As you know, Left Alive will include many NPCs you can meet, and save, depending on your actions. You can rescue characters you meet if you manage to safely escort them to one of the shelters. Characters you’ve managed to rescue will appear in your Database.

The Database has multiple categories:

  • The Character Diagram: a list of Left Alive‘s main characters’ profiles and relationships, and is updated as you progress.
  • The Survivors, listing the characters you’ve managed to save and their profiles.
  • The Archives, with many information on the game’s background, many of which will prove to be very interesting for Front Mission fans. There’s even information on the Garmoniya Hundred Beauties Contest.
  • The Encyclopedia category, with information on the various countries, the Wanzers and their makers, etc.
  • The Tutorials.

Now, let’s take a look at Left Alive’s online features. As previously teased by Director Nabeshima, these are minimal features, and there is no extensive online feature such as an online co-op mode. However, when playing Left Alive while connected to the internet, you’ll be able to switch the map to “Heat Map Display” mode. This will display areas where other players ended up dying the most. You might want to avoid these areas, as it’ll mean imminent danger. However, these areas will also include dead bodies of the deceased players, and searching their bodies might net you very useful items. The system follows a no risk no gain logic.

Last but not least, Left Alive has a New Game + system. It makes you restart from Chapter 1, but you will retain specific elements from your previous runs. Some of the game’s sidequests are very hard, but as you keep looping the game with New Game +, they will become much easier.

You can find below portraits and screenshots showing the new characters, screenshots showing more of the game’s survivalist action, and the new trailer. You can read more about the game and Director Nabeshima’s comments in a previous article. You can find the two previous trailers here and here. We’ve also covered the details concerning the Left Alive‘s Limited Edition.

Left Alive releases on PC and PS4 in the west on March 5 after hitting Japan on February 28, and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. Director Toshifumi Nabeshima also told DualShockers that Square Enix may consider bringing the game to other platforms after its initial launch.

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