Left Alive’s Latest Gameplay Video Teaches You How to Survive

Left Alive’s Latest Gameplay Video Teaches You How to Survive

Learn more about the many skills you will need to acquire in order to survive in Square Enix's Left Alive.

Square Enix’s upcoming shooter Left Alive is slated to release in the early portion of 2019 but ahead of that time, a new gameplay trailer has today been let loose.

The title of this video is “Find a Way to Survive” and as you might be able to guess, it introduces us to the many different survival aspects found within Left Alive. One of the most prominent elements of gameplay that you’ll have to take advantage of in Left Alive is that of stealth, and this trailer shows how you can utilize sneaking around to get the drop on your enemies. As with many stealth-based games though, this trailer also shows what can happen if you take a direct approach and decide to go in guns blazing as well.

Other gameplay elements that are shown in this trailer include dialogue choices and the ability to craft various weapons and items. Perhaps best of all though, we also get a quick look at what it is like to take over a mech and use it against your foes. If you’ve still been left wondering just what Left Alive is, this is likely the best video to give you a quick look at many of the unique mechanics that it offers.

Today’s new gameplay video can be found attached below. Left Alive is slated to release worldwide on March 5 for PS4 and PC. If you’d like to pre-order it ahead of release, you can currently do so over on Amazon.

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