Legacy of Kain-Inspired Nosgoth Ceasing Development; Full Shutdown Coming in May

Legacy of Kain-Inspired Nosgoth Ceasing Development; Full Shutdown Coming in May

Following several years in beta, the free-to-play multiplayer title Nosgoth, which arrived as a spiritual successor to the cult hits Soul Reaver and Legacy of Kain, has officially reached its end point as developer Psyonix and publisher Square Enix will be shutting down and cancelling the title at the end of May.

In an announcement made on the title’s official website, Square Enix detailed “it is with regret today we can confirm that development for Nosgoth has officially ceased and we are winding down support for the game.”

Square Enix detailed that the title will remain available to play now through May 31st, 2016, with the game to be taken completely offline after. Players that have made any purchases in the game since March 1st, 2016 will automatically be refunded, with all future updates and League sessions of the game also ending.

The company addressed that “we want to thank the community for all their feedback, support and dedication to the game during the closed and open beta phases,” with the title having entered open beta in January 2015 and as of March 2016, was planning to leave Steam Early Access within the near future.

However, Square Enix’s latest update announced that despite the feedback and dedicated community, the decision to cancel the title was due to the fact that “ultimately its audience hasn’t grown enough to sustain ongoing operations.”

While support will be ending for Nosgoth on its own, Square Enix addressed in an FAQ on the game’s shutdown that the title’s cancellation will not effect consideration of future projects inspired (or continuing) the Legacy of Kain franchise, with the company stating “any future Legacy of Kain project will be considered independently of Nosgoth and on the merits of the proposals alone.”