Legbreaker Has a Unique Puzzle Formula That Requires You to Break One of Your Legs Every Time You Jump

Legbreaker Has a Unique Puzzle Formula That Requires You to Break One of Your Legs Every Time You Jump

The premise of Legbreaker is simple yet addictively morbid: play as an unfortunate test subject who must break his legs to advance in each level.

What if you were kidnapped by a mysterious company and injected with a serum that gives you incredible jumping power, but the massive downside is that every time you jump, you break one of your legs? That’s the main premise behind puzzle platformer Legbreaker.

According to a synopsis of the game: “In Legbreaker you take on the role of a unwilling, captive test subject who is carrying out a trial for a new serum which, when injected into your quadriceps, vastly boosts your muscle power and allows you to jump high into the air. There is however one small (and painful) drawback to the serum though — every time you jump one of your legs breaks. This effectively means that you can only jump twice per level until you are left helplessly crawling along the floor!”

It’s an incredibly unique concept and the graphical style helps to deliver it well. The lack of voice acting on the protagonist coupled with the garbled voice of the narrator in charge of the tests creates a sense of unease and reflects the power imbalance between them. Then there’s the retro music reflecting a clinical yet dark futuristic setting. And that sound and color effect when the main character breaks his leg along with how he drags said leg or whole body around is horrifying. The gameplay itself is creative and challenging without dragging down players with overly complicated setups and solutions.

Legbreaker is simple yet immensely effective in how it conveys its plot, gameplay, and characters. You can download the game for free here, although you have have the option of choosing an amount to pay to support the creator.

If you want to check out more of the gameplay first before diving in, there’s a video just below that showcases the first 13 minutes of the game. But be warned that there are some big spoilers in the video since it covers roughly half of Legbreaker:

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