PS4 Exclusive The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Gets New Screenshots Revealing the Cast

PS4 Exclusive The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Gets New Screenshots Revealing the Cast

Nihon Falcom sheds some light on the upcoming The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III for PS4.

Nihon Falcom released today a new batch of screenshots of the upcoming JRPG The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III.

Keep in mind that the following information includes spoilers if you have not played the first two games of the series.

We get a look at the main cast, including protagonist Rean Schwarzer (now 20 years old), who is known as the Ashen Knight and the hero of the past civil war. After graduating from the academy he has been strongly urged by the government to enroll in the Imperial Army. He’s also been asked not to use Valimar any more. He opted to become an instructor at the Second School, that has been recently opened in the western suburbs of the Imperial Capital.

Yuna Crawford (17 years old) is a lively girl driven by a strong sense of justice. She dreamed to be successful among the ranks of the Special Affairs Support Division of the Crossbell Police, that solved a high number of difficult cases. While she managed to pass the entrance exam in the police school, she set her dreams aside as a result of the occupation by the Erebonian Empire.

Kurt Vandal (17 years old) is a smart and attractive young man born of that “Vandal” family that is known as a lineage of Imperial protectors. Having mastered the art of the two swords, he was animated by the sense of duty of protecting the royal family as a member of the Vandals. After the civil war ended, due to the plans of Giliath Osbourne, his family was discharged from the role of royal guardians, causing Kurt to lose his goal.

Altina Orion (14 years old) is an unemotional girl belonging to the Imperial Army Information Bureau, code named Black Rabbit. In control of the Claiomh=Solais, she was engaged in a variety of special missions as a double agent. After the end of the civil war, she was assigned to perform a variety of tasks at the orders of the Information Bureau, while monitoring the behavior of the Ashen Knight, also supporting him as a partner. As a result, since Rean is now an instructor at the Second School, she joined the school as a “student.”

We learn that the former Crossbell autonomous region has now become the Crossbell State after the annexation by the Empire. While its function as a center of trade and finance is gradually being restored, tensions aren’t yet completely subsided. Rumors of a civic opposition movement and even of a resistance organization are beginning to spread.

The Thors Military Academy Second School is the newly established school to form full fledged officers of the Imperial army. Students aren’t just children of the nobility, but also foreigners and natives of Crossbell, as well as some who were active in the Civil War. It has become popular also due to the joining of heroes like Rean Schwarzer. It includes six classes, named Platoon I to Platoon VI, plus three additional courses: Platoon VII for the Special Affairs Department, Platoon VIII for the Tactics Department, Platoon IX for the Accounting Department.

Platoon VII is the class where Rean Schwarzer teaches as an instructor. The class is very small, and includes only three students, Yuna, Kurt and Altina.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III will release in Japan in 2017, exclusively for PS4.