Zelda Inspired Legend Maker gets New Name, Main Quest with Runiya

Zelda Inspired Legend Maker gets New Name, Main Quest with Runiya

Last October we covered Legend Maker‘s move from Kickstarter to Patreon. The project, originally entitled the litigious Zelda Maker, was inspired by the DIY nature of Nintendo’s Mario Maker. As the project continues to evolve, the new name of Runiya has been settled on along with some much needed new features.

The game will now have a main campaign for players to explore. They will also be able to look underneath the hood to see how certain elements found in the world of Runiya are made within the builder portion of the title. This is a great way to showcase the different tools to manipulate the various quests and reminds me of how other franchises like RPG Maker and LittleBigPlanet handle teaching players the ropes.

The developer Dream Mix has started reprogramming from the ground up to go along with the name change. They realize that fans might be disappointed with this interruption to development but felt it was necessary to continue on with the experience they got while working on the Runiya campaign.

As the developer stated himself:

“I took pieces of LM’s code and put it into Runiya, so what you see works like LM, but what I have to deal with is much less. Remember that Zelda Maker / Legend Maker had been my first game in years, and I wasn’t very experienced before that either. I’m much more confident in what I’m doing with Runiya than I was when I started Legend Maker.”

Not much has been revealed about the story of the main quest of the game but a few small tidbits have shown up here and there. You will start you adventure as a demon looking to save the world from an ‘unjustly god’ looking to destroy the world. The deity will do this by enacting a rapture like event to leave the planet lifeless and barren. Will your powers of the underworld be enough to save everyone?

You can donate to PC only Runiya through Patreon on a month to month basis. The levels range from $5-$60 USD and contain rewards such as exclusive builds, videos, and the chance to design your own dungeon.

The latest development video is available below: