This Legend of Zelda Fan Art Captures the Feeling of Being Chased by a Cucco

The Legend of Zelda features one of the most terrifying and dangerous enemies in all of gaming: the Cucco.

We all remember our first times taking a couple of swings at a Cucco in one of the Legend of Zelda titles. First, you are just mindlessly swiping away at a chicken, next thing you know, there is a swarm of Cuccos attacking you to revenge their brethren. We all remember those times and this fan art perfectly captures that feeling.

Posted over on r/zelda by u/bvigec, you can see what seems to be the Wind Waker version of link dashing away with rupees falling out of his pockets as a Cucco is hot on his tail, ready to take a chunk out of him. On top of capturing that feeling of being chased by one of these devil creatures, the artwork is just so charming and I can’t wait to see what comes next from the artist.

Funny enough, and as charming as this drawing is, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is one of the only games in the lengthy series that doesn’t include the ferocious chickens. I had a bit of a hunch since I just busted out my old Wii U to run through the game again and I couldn’t recall ever running across a Cucco in my playthrough. And, according to the Cucco’s wiki page, my hunch was right and they do not appear in the game at all. It does seem a bit weird that a character so memorable from the franchise would be missing from the most expressive and animated game in the series.

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Grant Huff

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