Legend of Zelda Fan Mocks Up Breath of the Wild Monopoly Board

October 26, 2021

Inspired by the classic Monopoly board game, one Legend of Zelda fan redesigned Breath of the Wild as a tabletop board game.

With its hefty collection of lore, The Legend of Zelda seems like the perfect franchise to inspire a board game. After all, its adventure themes and exploration-based gameplay could easily make the switch from digital to tabletop.

One Reddit user, Natural_Two_5331, saw this potential and created a Breath of the Wild Monopoly board. With cards and spaces based off of real in-game locations, they show how easily BotW can translate to an interesting-looking board.

Nintendo Switch Trailer | Home for the Holidays

Nintendo Switch Trailer | Home for the Holidays


Though Nintendo has made a Super Mario Celebration Edition Board Game in the past, there hasn’t been anything like this. Now, Natural_Two_5331 redesigned the Monopoly board with the Zelda aesthetic and worked in important narrative aspects.

Using in-game features, they’ve created something that goes beyond the classic Monopoly. Players can experience events like getting “Caught in Gerudo Town” or collect each of the Divine Beasts. And, the labs take the place of Monopoly‘s utility companies, and rocks represent the Chance cards due to their random in-game drops.

To continue the theme, the Sheikah symbols also translate to “The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild” for additional Zelda flair. Looking at it, they’ve nearly seamlessly incorporated much of what fans love about both original games. Though you wouldn’t necessarily think it, the lore of Breath of the Wild somehow works within the mechanics of Monopoly.

Following that, Reddit user Natural_Two_5331 has mentioned that they’ll make different versions of the board with different location organizations. In the current version, they’ve grouped the locations by story (i.e. major cities, labyrinths, etc.), but a version with the locations grouped by region may soon come.

Additionally, the Redditor will use shrines as the Monopoly house pieces and towers as the hotel pieces. Afterwards, they’ll design a set of chance and chest cards to complete the overall game.

Overall, the board has gone through various versions, ultimately landing on this design. It was equal parts an individual effort and a community one, which just adds to the uniqueness of this mock up. Personally, I’ll be keeping my eyes out for the completed version!

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