The Legend of Zelda Fan Makes Their Own Bottle of Lon Lon Milk

The Legend of Zelda Fan Makes Their Own Bottle of Lon Lon Milk

Got Milk?

There may be nothing Link from The Legend of Zelda loves more than empty bottles and the cows from Lon Lon Ranch. Okay, maybe there are a few things he loves more, but those two are certainly staples of Hyrule. One fan on reddit shared their own homemade milk bottle from the iconic ranch in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Check out evermillion81’s creation below!

The bottle itself looks like a regular glass bottle with a cork. The label is modeled after the label in Ocarina of Time, instead of Super Smash Bros. where the label is tan instead of blue. It’s a very cute bottle that totally makes me want to play as Young Link in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and taunt all day.

Lon Lon Milk is found as an item in only a few Zelda games, like Ocarina of Time or The Wind Waker on GameCube. While the milk itself doesn’t appear in other games, there is a location called The Milk Bar in Majora’s Mask, The Phantom Hourglass, and A Link Between Worlds, where presumably the milk from Lon Lon Cows is sold.

Ocarina of Time is arguably the best Zelda game and not only for introducing the world to the sweet milk of Lon Lon Cows. Another (more profound) reason Zelda‘s 3D debut can be explored in this fantastic video essay on why Ocarina of Time is the saddest Zelda game of all time.

Lon Lon Milk bottle I made! Hope you guys like it! from r/zelda