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Legends Of Runeterra Update 3.8.0 Patch Notes

May 24, 2022

The most awaited update for Legends of Runeterra is finally here. Check out the official Legends of Runeterra Update 3.8.0 Patch Notes May 25 below.

The game will bring a whole new expansion called Worldwalker which will introduce four new champions, new keywords, more than 65 collectable cards and the release of the Path of Champions 2.0.

Players can enjoy the new expansion around 11 AM PT / 6 PM GMT on May 25. Below are the patch notes for the latest update sourced from Legends of Runeterra’s official site.

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Legends of Runeterra Update 3.8.0 Patch Notes

New Cards

Over the past week, we’ve been revealing all of the cards being added in Worldwalker. Head to one of the galleries below to get the full list of new cards and start building your day 1 decks!

New Mechanics & Keywords

Worldwalker introduces Runeterran champions. Adding a Runeterran champion to your deck acts as one of your regions, and each Runeterran champion has a unique deckbuilding rule, or Origin, that defines which cards can be played alongside them.

Some Origins also have unique skills that activate during gameplay based on certain conditions. For a full rundown on how Origins work, check out this infographic!

  • Spawn lets you unleash the full power of the sea, summoning a 1|1 Tentacle if you don’t already have one, which then grows based on the number of Spawns listed in a spell or skill. If you have a Tentacle on the board already, it’s granted +X|+X for each Spawn listed. Overwhelm your opponents with massive Tentacles by stacking your deck with Spawns!
  • Boons are positive effects that are planted on random cards in your own deck, which activate when drawn. Our first Boon, Chimes, grants units in-hand +1|+1 for each activated Chime.

New Challenges, Quests, and AI Decks

New Challenges and Quests have been added to introduce the keywords, archetypes, and champions being added in Worldwalker. Additional AI decks featuring cards added in the expansion have also been added to the Vs. AI opponent pool.

The Path of Champions 2.0

Worldwalker brings a major update to The Path of Champions:

  • New Regions – Noxus & Demacia
  • New Permanent Progression Systems:
    • Legend Levels that power up your whole champion roster
    • Champion Star Levels that grant your champions unique abilities and unlock new legs of their personal adventures
    • Revamped & expanded Champion Levels to power up your favorite champs to extraordinary new heights
  • Unique Champion Adventures
  • World Adventures to test your power & skill with any of your champions

Card Updates

In the 3.7.0 patch notes, we announced that we were aiming for patch 3.8.0 to introduce changes for play/cast functionality for copied spells from cards like Karma and Taric to count as being Played. However, we need some more time to implement that functionality, so we’re aiming for a patch in the near future – we’ll keep everyone on when to expect that update.

Followers, Spells, and Landmarks

  • Crackshot Corsair   Base Stats: 1|2 1|1
  • Imperial Demolitionist   Base Stats: 2|3 2|2

Pulsefire Event

Purchase the Premium Event Pass before June 15 to get an exclusive quest that awards 10 Energy Orbs and a Rare Prismatic Chest! The event pass grants access to an upgraded event path with premium rewards and immediately unlocks the Tibbers Guardian. All unlockable rewards can be viewed on the Event rewards road.

This is a special event pass that will run for an extra week. Play games to earn Energy Orbs and unlock even more rewards than usual!

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Region Roads

Starting with the Pulsefire Event, we’re making some changes to reward allocation & Region Roads, but first, some context:

  • Players who have completed every Region Road have had to wait for new expansions to continue earning rewards on them through extensions.
  • New players already have a lot of Region Roads to work through after starting the game.

We’re adding more free nodes to Event Passes (without increasing the overall time required to complete them), and we’re no longer going to be extending Region Roads. This change should allow established players to continue earning free rewards during events, and newer players can benefit from both the existing region roads and the expanded selection of free nodes on Event Passes.


The devs have added a lot of new decks along with new skins in this Legends of Runeterra Update 3.8.0. If you wish to take a look at them, check this official patch notes page.

Sunsetting Expeditions


  • The ranked season for A Curious Journey has concluded, and Worldwalker is underway! Collect your ranked rewards depending on your performance, including an exclusive A Curious Journey icon from the previous season in the Loot popup on the home screen.
  • A hand counter has been added when clicking to inspect your deck in-game.
  • Worldwalker and future Seasonal Tournaments will take place on a single weekend, with Open Rounds on Saturday, and Playoffs on Sunday. Stay tuned for a full schedule in the coming weeks!

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  • Fixed an issue causing players to crash while viewing art in the Collection.
  • Fixed an issue where a white circle was appearing in the centre of the board for some tutorials.
  • Fixed an issue where Encroaching Mist wasn’t properly displaying the Ephemeral icon.
  • Fixed an issue where discarding cards that replace themselves wasn’t allowing Jinx to level up to Level 2.
  • Swiftwing Lancer can no longer create itself.
  • Fixed an issue where Overgrown Snapvine was soft locking the game upon emerging from Buried In Ice.
  • Shadow Apprentice now has a previously missing effect icon.
  • Winds of War now correctly heal your ally regardless of whether the enemy is there when the spell resolves.
  • Ram Stance now resolves even if the selected unit leaves play.
  • Transposition now uses the reduced cost of a unit which has had its cost reduced.
  • Fixed an issue where Daybreak triggers from Morning Light was activating Leona’s level up progress.
  • Added an error message when a player tries to move a challenged blocker.
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