3DS Exclusive Legna Tactica Stays True to Classic SRPG Visuals in Launch Trailer

Kemco brings their SRPG Legna Tactica to the western 3DS eShop, complete with retro visuals and nostalgic isometric maps.

on February 3, 2017 12:22 AM

Kemco posted a new launch trailer for their SRPG Legna Tactica, available now on Nintendo 3DS-via Nintendo eShop.

The trailer shows off the game’s classic visuals and nostalgic grid-based map. Additionally, players are able to choose the characters for their party and level them up via a skill tree.

The developer details the premise:

In the lands of Feyzum, where the Kingdom of Legna is drawn into the chaos of battle against the Empire of Izmoot, Leck and his friends Miana and Astar are engaged in field training as trainee soldiers. Suddenly, it is decided that they will accompany the Hero of the Kingdom of Legna, General Varrius, and the Azure Hawk Brigade which he leads, on a mission to suppress the bandits. However, they know nothing of the inescapable destiny that awaits them…

You can watch the new trailer below:

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