New Lego DC Game Trailer Will Be Revealed Tomorrow

New Lego DC Game Trailer Will Be Revealed Tomorrow

The TT Games Twitter account revealed a teaser trailer for the upcoming Lego DC game with another trailer to be released tomorrow.

It’s been awhile since the last Lego game dedicated to the DC Comics license has been released. Since last week, developer TT Games, Lego, and other affiliated Twitter accounts have been teasing the next entry with the phrase “chaos is coming” giving the impression that this may focus on the villains of the well-known universe. Today, a new teaser for the unnamed Lego DC game was revealed furthering that suspicion.

The official TT Games Twitter account posted about the upcoming game simply saying “Soon….” along with a link and the aforementioned teaser trailer. The trailer itself shows a statue of Superman vandalized with Joker face-paint. The camera then pans out with a few chattering teeth making their way across the screen.

The trailer ends with the phrase “chaos is coming” and that the new trailer will be revealed tomorrow, May 30.

It is worth noting that the once named Lego DC Games Twitter account changed its name to Lego DC Super-Villains. While that is not confirmation of the game’s title, this may mean that the upcoming game will focus on the bad guys this time around. In any case, we will learn more about it tomorrow.

The last time we saw a Lego DC game release was in 2014 with Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Since then, plenty of DC Comics’ superheroes have made their way to Lego Dimensions, TT Games’ “toys-to-life” game that brings a variety of licenses — including Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, and Lord of the Rings — together in some interesting ways. It’s pretty wild seeing Marty McFly in Oz.

In other Lego video game news, Lego The Incredibles was officially announced alongside the game’s first trailer. A few more trailers were revealed flaunting its gameplay and open world.