LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System Announced In Latest Awesome Collaboration

Nintendo and Lego's 35th Anniversary collaborations continue in style.

July 14, 2020

Back in March, Nintendo and LEGO announced they were collaborating on a brand new Super Mario Lego set in celebration of Mario’s 35th anniversary. The initial sets announced were geared towards a younger audience, allowing creators to build their own Super Mario levels and play them with an interactive Mario figure. Today, however, slightly older Nintendo fans were treated to the latest venture between the two companies, an amazing LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System.

The set was announced on Twitter earlier today and sent fans into a frenzy. It contains over 2600 pieces and includes “authentic reproductions of the original console, controller and Game Pak cartridge plus a retro style 1980’s TV.” The retro TV includes a crank on the side that when turned rotates the screen and plays a level from the original Super Mario Bros.

The set is a fairly substantial size with the TV set coming in at over 8” (22.5cm) high, 9” (23.5cm) wide and 6” (16cm), and the controller is described on the website as “life-sized.”

The two announced Nintendo LEGO sets can also be used in conjunction with each other. While sitting atop of the retro LEGO TV from the Nintendo Entertainment Set, the interactive Super Mario Figure will react to what is happening on screen and will play the original music from Super Mario Bros.

Like the previously announced set, the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System launches on August 1 and it will be available through the LEGO website at an eye-watering  $229.99 (£209.99). This is the latest in the line of Nintendo collaborations as the company, who are usually very precious about their licenses, also recently shared their collaboration with clothing manufacturer Levi’s for some interesting Mario themed garments.

The question is, would you fork out over $200 for something like this, regardless of how cool it looks?

Sam Woods

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