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DualShockers had the opportunity to get hands on with the upcoming Lego Rock Band title over at MTV headquarters with Alex Navarro of Harmonix, and I have to say we were pretty impressed. I am a huge fan of the Lego games – and Lego in general – and this title takes that same humor of the Lego franchise and melds it with the Rock Band goodness we are all used to. We sat down and got a view of the full build and saw a very epic intro that has not been released to the public yet, but trust us it is worth the wait. You get a view of the different themes that are in the game like the space and pirate themes in the first few minutes of the intro which take you from earth to space.

The game consists of the usual suspects: Quick Play, Build a Band, Training and the Music Store. In this version the Music Store will allow you to get songs that are rated E for All while the training will let you practice your Rock Band skills.

We jumped right into some songs in the Build a Band portion and discovered that there are 2200 pieces and 55 colors of Legos in the game, absurd. You also now have a central hub for your band to hang out in and collect items for, pretty much pimp out your “Rock Den”. As you play the notes scroll down like any other RB title but the notes are of course small Lego bricks and so are your characters. Also gone is the collection of money instead replaced with the collection of Lego studs much like the other Lego titles, which you will use to unlock items for your Rock Den, vehicles, instruments and accessories like a snake or parrot for your character.

There are some departures from the normal RB you are all used to in that there is an addition of a fifth mode geared for children called “Super Easy”. Super Easy lets anyone play and really increases the accessibility of the title by removing the player from having to hit correct notes, but instead just strum or hit the pads in time with the song. I tried some Super Easy just for kicks and it was actually interesting. You could play incorrect notes while just strumming along, although my timing was all off because it was super slow and Alex gave me a broken guitar. There is also a new option to enable an “automatic kick drum” option, this allows the player to neglect the foot pedal and just concentrate on the pads.

We did rock out to some great classics early on in our tour like Tom Petty “Free Fallin” and Bryan Adams “Summer of 69”, until we got enough stars and fans to open up some more songs and something Alex really wanted to show me, the Rock Power Challenge. This new feature entitled the Rock Power Challenges award the players with 3 x stud and 3 x the fans if completed successfully. There are 9 Rock Power Challenges that vary from knocking a building down, defeating a giant octopus, summoning a storm and even being a Ghostbuster. We played through the first challenge which had us assisting some Lego construction workers having problems knocking down a skyscraper. We took turns playing solo sections in order to literally bring the house down, which is a lot of fun because it puts each player on the spot as you take turns playing your sections.

One new change is the fact that there is no more star power being used to save your failed out band mates. Instead your band members save themselves by “recovering” on their own by playing a solo section. When you fail the band is penalized studs, but you can gain some of them back by having a Perfect or Ok recovery, so there is no more sitting out of a band member anymore.

In summary Lego Rock Band is a great fusion of Lego humor and classic Rock Band style and music. This is a must have for any fan of Lego or Rock Band. We can’t wait to get our hands on the full game and review the whole thing, stay tuned for more.

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