Lego: Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles’ Launch Trailer Shows Game in Action, Available Today

Lego: Disney Pixar's The Incredibles is available today in the US as announced by a launch trailer showing off gameplay and cutscenes.

on June 15, 2018 9:59 AM

Developer TT Games’ Lego-themed title based on The Incredibles movies from Disney and Pixar has pushed out a launch trailer —that is available below— that announces the arrival of Lego: Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles.

Lego: Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles will allow players to take part in events from the first The Incredibles film and also the new The Incredibles 2 film that is in cinemas from June 15. Both the game and the second film won’t launch in the UK until the 13th of July 2018.

Lego: Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles will bring a range of characters from the films and put them into the Lego universe for players to take advantage of their unique skills and powers to overcome puzzles and battle against enemies.

Some of the characters powers will feature Elastigirl’s stretchiness, Mr. Incredible’s strength, Dash’s speed, and Violet’s force-fields. By working together players will be able to progress in the main story, or by taking on Crime Waves around the hub world that offer various objectives and boss battles. Each district is controlled by main villains, and by defeating them the players can unlock collectibles and Pixar-themed Easter eggs.

Lego: Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles can be played alone or with two players in co-op which will allow players to work together as their favorite characters and face enemies such as Syndrome. Additionally, players can create their own superhero with an Edna “E” Mode that allows modifications to be made to a characters appearance and even abilities.

The game was officially announced back in March, and then we saw the game in action through a new trailer in MayLego: Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles is available today in the US for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC.

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