LEGO The Lord of the Rings and LEGO The Hobbit Delisted from Digital Storefronts

Both LEGO The Lord of the Rings and LEGO The Hobbit have been delisted from digital storefronts, most likely due to licensing deals expiring in 2019.

Both LEGO The Lord of the Rings and LEGO The Hobbit games were recently free on the Humble Store last month and have now disappeared from all digital storefronts.

Both LEGO The Lord of the Rings and LEGO The Hobbit are no longer purchasable digitally from Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox. Based on the film franchise from Warner Bros. Entertainment, these games must have been a licencing nightmare thanks to requiring licenses from LEGO, New Line Productions, Saul Zaentz Copany, and Warner Bros. Entertainment since the film license is separate from the fiction one.

Developed by Traveller’s Tales, LEGO The Lord of the Rings was released in 2012 for nearly every available platform with LEGO The Hobbit coming in 2014 for nearly every platform as well. LEGO The Hobbit sadly never got its third film DLC for The Battle of the Five Armies.

Reddit user SuperMoonky was the first to spot the removal, after predicting that they could be delisted on Steam soon after the Humble deal was posted. Meanwhile both Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War remain as they are based on Tolkien’s work and not the films sot heir license rights are less complicated than the LEGO adaptation of the film adaptation of Tolkien’s writings.

If you have previously owned a digital version of either LEGO game you should still be able to download them, but future purchases are now up in the air as license renewal for delisted titles very rarely happens, with Alan Wake being the only recent high-profile example, which required Microsoft’s participation according to Remedy.

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