LEGO Trading Card Game is On the Way

LEGO Trading Card Game is On the Way

width="462"With LEGO Universe arriving October 26, 2010, Dire Wolf Digital has created a trading card game based on the upcoming game. The physical trading card game (I say ‘physical’ because we all know how much people love to make games based on card games) is set to release in 2011, not too far off the game’s release.

“We’re obviously very excited about LEGO Universe, and adding a TCG provides additional content, as well as a brand new customizable play experience,” said Mark William Hansen, Senior Director, LEGO Universe. “The Dire Wolf team are experts in this space, and their passion for excellence made them a natural choice for this project.”


We also get to hear what Scott Martins, president of Dire Wolf Digital, has to say about all of this LEGO fun:

“Creating a game with the LEGO Group and NetDevil is an exciting opportunity, allowing us to work with a beloved brand and great business partners. The creativity and ‘build anything’ spirit of the brand and LEGO Universe fit perfectly with trading card games, where players are limited only by their imaginations.”

I hope the game is good when it arrives on store shelves, and I hope the card game is as good as the game that I’m hoping will be good. Uhh…never mind.