Legrand Legacy Reaches 75% of Kickstarter Goal: Shows off New Location

Legrand Legacy Reaches 75% of Kickstarter Goal: Shows off New Location

The legacy of Legrand Legacy continues to grow with its second Kickstarter attempt. We covered the relaunch earlier this month and it seems that the devs at Semisoft have picked up the pace with the latest crowdfunding attempt. With 20 days left, the Indonesian team has surpassed 75% of their £40,000 (approx $50,000 USD) goal.

For those looking for a refresher, Legrand Legacy is a turn-based RPG that takes place within a world at war. The adventure circles around Finn, a amnesiac slave with powers beyond his capabilities. With timing based attacks, crafting, castle building, and a conversation system with an expressive Visual Novel style display, the game takes inspirations from many different genres.

A recent update showcased the city of Ostia, an entry point to the southern point of the Legrand continent. The devs continue on saying:

“Residents of the two warring Kingdoms of Fandor and Altea come to Ostia to escape the war… Despite its popularity, the city is unfortunately plagued with the highest crime rates and corruption in all of Legrand.”

It seems like the lower fundraising goal and the social media bonus milestones are working in the game’s favor. At 750 backers, the team will add two new crafting recipes. At +1100 ‘new’ likes on their Facebook page, an NPC capable of fast travel will be unlocked for your headquarters.

The artstyle of Legrand Legacy looks pretty good for the indie studio of 27 people. It definitely sounds like they are planning an epic adventure and you can get a taste of it with the 2 available PC demos. Each pre-alpha contains different combat systems so it’s possible to tell the devs which one is your favorite.

The campaign ends on February 17th so you have a little under 3 weeks to back the title. Only time will tell if this legacy will be able to be experienced on a grand scale. The concept art for Ostria can be viewed below.