Legrand Legacy Shows Gameplay and Mini-Games in New Beta Trailer

Legrand Legacy Shows Gameplay and Mini-Games in New Beta Trailer

Semisoft launched a new trailer for their RPG Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds, coming to PC September 2017.

The trailer shows new gameplay from the beta build of the game. Players get a preview of character interactions and the game’s turn based battle system. Additionally, there is a quick preview of a few different modes and mini-games that the player can participate in, including a tactics style battle mode and fishing.

Legrand Legacy takes place in Legrand where a feud rages between two Kingdoms, Fandor and Altea. Players will be introduced to a captured boy named Finn who is left in amnesiac state. Soon he will discover the hidden power that might be beyond his control.

The developer details further:

Embark on an epic adventure in this sprawling fantasy universe and fight alongside the Fatebounds to bring peace back to Legrand and prevent the Second Coming! But beware, something deeper and darker awaits…

Legrand Legacy launched a successful KickStarter in the beginning of this year reaching it’s goal of £40,000.

In case you missed it, Semisoft released a different trailer showing the game’s environments as well as an extended gameplay video.

You can watch the new trailer below: