Legrand Legacy Shows Nostalgic RPG Gameplay in New Video and Screenshots

Legrand Legacy Shows Nostalgic RPG Gameplay in New Video and Screenshots

Semisoft shares 2-minutes of gameplay from their upcoming RPG, Legrand Legacy.

Semisoft launched a new video for their crowdfunded RPG Legrand Legacy’s Alpha version, coming to PC September 2017.

The video shows gameplay that might be very familiar to some, as it seems to borrow a variety of beloved systems from classic RPGs. In battle, players will input attacks and then time a button press perfectly in order to execute the attack perfectly. This system can be found implemented in games such as Legend of Dragoon, Super Mario RPG, and Chrono Trigger, but Legrand Legacy definitely gives the impression that they have put their own unique spin on it.

Additionally, the video offers a look at new locations from the game not seen outside of the Alpha release as well as additional music.

The developer details the game’s premise:

Mugna Feud, the great war between the Kingdoms of Fandor and Altea, puts Legrand in a chaotic state. You play as Finn, a young slave who wakes up without any memory of his past, yet soon discovers that he possesses mysterious powers beyond his control. Embark on an epic adventure in this sprawling fantasy universe and fight alongside the Fatebounds to bring peace back to Legrand and prevent the Second Coming! But beware, something deeper and darker awaits…

Currently, DualShockers is working on a preview of the Alpha build, but in the mean time check out the video and new screenshots below: