Classic JRPG Inspired ‘Legrand Legacy’ Receives Release Date and New Trailer

Classic JRPG Inspired ‘Legrand Legacy’ Receives Release Date and New Trailer

Legrand Legacy receives a PC release date for fans begging for a classic RPG to play in 2018.

Semisoft announced that their classic JRPG inspired game, Legrand Legacy, will release on January 24, 2018 on PC.

Legrand Legacy follows the main protagonist, Finn, after he has been freed from slavery with the personal quest to save his daughter. Evidently, this leads him to take the first steps in fulfilling a prophecy that has him fighting towards saving the world.

Legrand Legacy takes place in Legrand where a feud rages between two Kingdoms, Fandor and Altea. Throughout the game, players will meet new characters and explore towns and dungeons filled with monsters and treasure. The game also offers a full story that aims to immerse players in this world and its characters.

The game features a turn-based battle system where players will get to add an extra attack with a timed button press, reminiscent to systems found in games like Legend of Dragoon. Other features include a tactical style combat portion, fishing mini-game, and fully realized world for players to explore.

Legrand Legacy is also planned to release on other platforms, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch, but the developer states that this won’t happen for awhile as the small team begins the porting process.

You can watch the new announcement trailer and check out some screenshots below: