Bytten Studio Reveals New Trailer for Lenna’s Inception, Announces Split from Chucklefish

Bytten Studio Reveals New Trailer for Lenna’s Inception, Announces Split from Chucklefish

Developer Bytten Studio announced today that they will be self-publishing Lenna's Inception, their upcoming Zelda-inspired action-adventure.

Lenna’s Inception is a Zelda-inspired action-adventure from Bytten Studio. The game takes inspiration from the Nintendo classic while doing quite a bit to subvert expectations. Bytten Studio has turned that classic Zelda formula into an intriguing procedurally generated world full of odd characters and dangerous enemies. Watch the first trailer for the game below.

In Lenna’s Inception, the hero is dead. You play as Lenna, a local tutor, who hears the voice of a deceased elder asking her to save the island from a mysterious glitch. It’s an odd setup that could result in an even odder story; however, if the devs handle it well, it’s a tale with some promise.

Regardless of the quality of the story, the game is doing a few interesting things in the genre. As mentioned above, the game features procedural generation, which means no playthrough will be the same. The game also features two different graphical styles and multiple endings. It’s clear that the game won’t lack for content when it comes out. Lenna’s Inception will also feature local co-op, which only makes the package more attractive. Obviously, it’s quite an ambitious game for the studio, so expectations need to be somewhat checked. That said, I’m very keen to play the game they’re promising.

Along with the new trailer, Bytten announced that they will be self-publishing Lenna’s Inception. Previously, the game was being published by Chucklefish. Publicly, there doesn’t seem to be any ill-will between the companies currently, so it’s unclear if the recent allegations against Chucklefish played any part in the split. Either way, it had to be a tough decision for the developer. Self-publishing is never easy, and the added challenge will only make development more difficult.

Lenna’s Inception will come to PC “soon”.