Lesbian Spider-Queens Of Mars Now On Adult Swim Games

By Justin Hutchison

April 9, 2011

From Auntie Pixelantie, maker of such indie fare as Mighty Jill Off and Redder, and co-artist of projects like Mechafetus and the Scott Pilgrim VS. The World game, has just released her latest game, this time for Adult Swim Games, Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars. Yup, that is indeed the title. You take control of the Spider-Queen, trying to reclaim your escaped slaves for… obvious purposes. The game plays a bit like Pac-Man, but instead of collecting pellets to attack the slaves, you use your crystal scepter to tie them up and capture them. It’s pretty fun, and the later stages get pretty fast-paced and intense, and the perverted sense of humor stays funny for a while.

You can play the game at Adult Swim Games here, and it features no nudity, so you won’t feel as bad about playing it at work.

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