PS4 Exclusive Let it Die’s New Video Shows Gameplay and Talks 100 Tracks for 500 Minutes of Music

PS4 Exclusive Let it Die’s New Video Shows Gameplay and Talks 100 Tracks for 500 Minutes of Music

Today GungHo America released a brand new video on the upcoming PS4 exclusive Let it Die by Suda 51’s Grasshopper Manufacture.

The video, introduced by a skit featuring Japanese comedian (and weirdo extraordinaire) Masashi Kumada, features the game’s music and for once it replaces Game Director Hideyuki Shin with Sound Director Akira Yamaoka.

Yakaoka-san, besides showing a few brief glimpses on more gameplay, describes how the game will come with a whopping 100 music tracks composed by young Japanese rockers. The soundtrack will span abotut 500 minutes of music, which is definitely a ton.

According to Yakaoka-san, games are a unique platform, and it’s only in a game that you can find this many tracks centered on the title’s theme. He feels that sound and music are essential to set the atmosphere up, and the main goal is to keep the player entertained and excited.

Let it Die was initially announced at Tokyo Game Show 2013 as Lily Bergamo, showing a completely different art style, and was then re-introduced in its current form during Sony’s E3 2014 press conference.

The original game was about an action heroine named Tae Ioroi, and featured the art of Yusuke Kozaki, well known for No More Heroes and the latest games of the Fire Emblem series, while the final incarnation of Let it Die as a much more gritty style, even if it retains Goichi Suda’s signature cel-shaded visuals.

It’s worth mentioning that the game is scheduled for a 2016 release as a downloadable free to play title, but no actual launch date has been shared just yet. That said, PlayStation Experience is in two days, so it wouldn’t be surprising if we heard something then.

If you want to hear more from Yamaoka-san, you can check out our interview with him from a while ago. You can also enjoy Steven’s preview of the game, and the interview with Game Director Hideyuki Shin.

That said, I leave you with the video, with an additional bonus clip with Masashi Kumada, because who doesn’t like that?