Let It Die and World of Tanks Collaboration Details Revealed

Let It Die and World of Tanks Collaboration Details Revealed

Details about the Let It Die and World of Tanks crossover have been officially revealed, including its release date of November 30, 2017.

A few months ago it was announced that the developers Grasshopper Manufacture and Wargaming would be partnering for a Let It Die and World of Tanks crossover, which would bring themed content from the latter to the former. At the time, however, we had no idea what this would entail or when it would happen. That all has changed as details about the event have been officially announced.

First and foremost, ten new Premium Skill Decals will be made available. Details on what each and every one of these decals do has not been revealed, however, some will increase your statistics while others can change the type of ammo you fire.

In addition to that, players will also be able to earn a special armor, which will be based on the T-34/76 tank from the game, and it looks absolutely hilarious.

Finally, a ton of smaller content will also be available, including new gear, quests, decorations, and equipment.

The best part is, players won’t have to wait too much longer for it either. The crossover content will hit Let It Die on November 30, 2017. This will only be available for a limited time, however, and will disappear on January 11, 2018. You can check out a couple of images from the new content at the end of this article.

Let It Die was officially released a little less than a year ago on December 3, 2016, and is available exclusively on PlayStation 4.