Let’s Manga PS Vita Game Removes Drawing on Touchscreen because of the “Shady Stuff People Could Draw”

on November 3, 2014 8:37 PM

Granzella’s upcoming Manga Creator game Let’s Manga’s (Manga Kakeru in Japanese) Twitter page answered some of the fans questions recently. One of them asked if players will be able to draw on the touchscreen and they responded by saying that the feature was unfortunately removed because of the “shady stuff people could draw”.

Here’s what they said on their official Twitter page:

“The ability to draw a line with touch was decidedly removed for various reasons, but features such as sharpening the tone have been implemented…” You can use this feature, depending on how we verify whether the image is shady or not, we honestly just feel as though there should be a rating application for submitted material that go into certain mechanisms, and then the questionable material would be placed in a No-Go section immediately.

I’m sure they were most likely afraid of players abusing the feature to draw very inappropriate scenes in their manga and uploading them to their website (which could of been a hassle to find the bad one’s and filter them). Although one could argue that it limits those who wish to use this feature for good, they went on to say this:

Please understand to ensure that Manga Kakeru is utilized through its features with thoughts and expressive powers, our company examined Manga Kakeru extensively, aiming for a result without losing the charm of Manga Kakeru, and it was decided to settle with its current form. Although it lost some features that were assumed to be in, Manga Kakeru’s charm and potential is still out.

Let’s Manga will be released in Japan on the PS Vita sometime this month.

[Translation by: Griffin]