Let’s Play: Past Cure – DualShockers Lowest Reviewed Game in Years

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This week on DualShockers, Let’s Play Past Cure! As you can see, our community team is trying something a little bit different.

Is Past Cure… Past Curing?

Many of you saw our recent review of Past Cure. Our reviewer, Logan Moore, was not particularly kind to this title. He gave it a 2 out of 10. That’s not just rough. That’s actually our lowest reviewed game in seven years. Ouch.

On the DualShockers Community Team, we like to do things a bit different. Last week on our Twitch stream, we decided to put Past Cure to the test. Were we being too harsh? Meaney and Audrey intend to find out!

Time For a Second Opinion: Let’s Play!

For the first time, watch along with DualShockers on a full Let’s Play series. Full disclosure, we didn’t totally intend this to be a “full game” stream, but the story ended up being remarkably short. We’ve posted the entire series in this Youtube playlist.

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Scott Meaney :Scott Meaney is the Community Director for DualShockers. You can find him pretty much all the time on twitter, facebook, twitch and in the official DualShockers Discord channel.