Let’s Talk Tales of Xillia: Skits and Real-Time Character Swapping

Let’s Talk Tales of Xillia: Skits and Real-Time Character Swapping


Those of us who are head over heels for the latest Tales game and pick up on every little scrap of information will likely be quite interested in the tidbits that came out of this week’s Famitsu. This article talks about the changes to skits, as well as a new feature that allows you to swap characters into battle. Let’s take a look at both items.

Skits are typically fairly static conversations between characters, but they happen because of certain events and, as I mentioned, are static. Tales of Xillia adds in two new kinds of skits in addition to the typical one. So, now we have what are called long skits, short skits and fighting skits. All these avenues have been used in RPGs in the past, but not often together. Long skits are what we’re used to in Tales games – they happen at specific times between characters. Short skits will occur as the player is maneuvering the characters through the field map or a town. Fighting skits occur during battle. They are all triggered by the player when an icon shows up on the screen.

You know, I really like the skits, from this franchise and others, but one thing that annoys me more than any others is when the skit is interrupted by a battle or changing zones (which happened in Tales of Vesperia, for one). I’d rather the game “pause” the zone swapping or battle initiation until the skit is over, then go into it. Anyway, moving on…

During battle, you can also now swap in characters in your reserve batch, as long as the character you’re swapping out of battle is still alive. Sorry, you can’t remove limp bodies from the battlefield apparently. This may be a handy feature; think Final Fantasy X or something like that. Pretty nifty, no? What do you think of these new additions to Tales of Xillia? Do they pique your interest?