Levelhead, a Level Building Platforming Game, Announced for Switch

The indie platformer Levelhead allows players to build their own levels and play levels by others, either solo or through local co-op play.

on August 28, 2018 1:54 PM

In the vein of games like Super Mario Maker, platformer Levelhead from Butterscotch Shenanigans will provide its own unique level-building experience for Nintendo Switch owners. Featuring a robust and flexible level-building system, players will be able to create their own platforming levels and play on others.

Build levels using either the touch screen or traditional controls, either by yourself or with up to three other players. Not only can four people play on a level at once, but they can also edit and create levels as a group. Levelhead also features a single-player campaign, which has players in control of GR-18, a delivery robot in training.

Levels can be uploaded on a hub for all to access, and content can be shared across different platforms—users on iOS, Android, PC, and Switch can all play each other’s levels. While Levelhead hasn’t been announced for any other home consoles, expect the game on the Switch this November. Check out Nintendo’s trailer from the showcase and some screenshots below.

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