Levi’s is Collaborating With Nintendo For Mario Apparel

Levi’s is Collaborating With Nintendo For Mario Apparel

Complete your Mario cosplay with a pair of overalls inspired by the red plumber himself.

Mario fans, I have a question. What makes our favorite red, mustachioed plumber so iconic? Is it his little red hat with an “M”? Maybe it’s the way he goes “ya-hoo” and “yippee” when he jumps. I can tell you, definitively, that it is none of those things. No, what makes Mario a universally recognizable character is his overalls. Yes, those workman’s clothes that always come fully strapped. Now, it seems like you’ll be able to pick up a pair of Mario inspired overalls from Levi’s in April. That is, unless this is all an April fool’s joke.

To celebrate Mario day (a joke that only works for us Americans), Levi’s has announced a collaboration with Nintendo to bring all of your favorite Super Mario characters to your clothes. Shown in a post on the Levi’s Twitter, we already have a good idea of what’s coming. In one picture, two models show off a couple of different looks, one with a Super Mario denim jacket and another with a jacket and high waisted shorts completely covered in Mario characters.

The second picture shows what we’re all here for: overalls. We don’t get a good look at their front – which had better include a massive pocket on the stomach – but we do get a look at the back. What’s there is mostly unremarkable but still admittedly pretty cool. There are three coins falling into the back right pocket. The leather Levi’s patch has a brightly colored Super Mario logo on it as well.

There’s no other word on this new line from Levi’s other than an ominous launch date: April 1. That might be why fans on Twitter are holding back their excitement. Whether this is all an elaborate April fool’s joke or it’s real, one thing is assured: I’m getting myself a pair of Mario overalls, official or not.