What Is The Lewdle Answer Today? Hints & Tips For Saturday, June 11

It's the weekend!

June 11, 2022

The weekend has finally arrived, which means there’s a brand new Lewdle puzzle to be solved on Saturday, June 11.

It should come as no surprise that today’s puzzle is another tricky one, with players around the world left scratching their heads. But, before we get into our own hints, tips, and the official answer, it’s worth reminding players of the two modes Lewdle has to make things a little easier.

The first is known as ‘Just The Tip’, which allows Lewdle players to reveal a single letter in the puzzle, but can only be used once per guess and will incur a penalty to your daily score. Whilst the second mode, ‘Ghost Guesses’, allows the player to also guess valid five-letter words in six-letter Lewdle puzzles but will again incur a small penalty to their daily score.


If you’ve used both of these features and still haven’t been able to work out the latest puzzle, here are our hints, tips, and official Lewdle answer for Saturday, June 11.

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Lewdle Hints & Tips For Saturday, June 11

Today’s Lewdle puzzle consists of five letters, with three of the letters being vowels. The remaining two letters are consonants, and both consonants are the same letter.

Beginning with the letter ‘O’ and ending in the letter ‘I’, today’s puzzle is reportedly a colloquial Japanese term for a female’s breasts; according to the official Lewdle definition.

What Is The Lewdle Answer Today? (Saturday, June 11)

The official Lewdle answer and word of the day for Saturday, June 11 is OPPAI.

Lewdle’s daily reset takes place at 9AM PT / 12AM ET / 5AM BST, which means players will need to ensure they input today’s answer before the aforementioned time. Failure to do so will result in your Lewdle streak starting again!

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Lewdle can be played for free on mobile or computer devices; simply open up your web browser and visit to get in on the action.

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