What Is The Lewdle Answer Today? Hints & Tips For Tuesday, June 21

The week continues with a brand new Lewdle puzzle for you to rack your brain over

June 21, 2022

We’ve finally got Monday out of the way, which means the next Lewdle puzzle for Tuesday, June 21 is available now.

Many Lewdle players are now in the habit of completing the daily puzzle right at the beginning of their day. But what kind of a start to a day would it be if you lost your perfect streak? If you’ve been left scratching your head over the June 21 Lewdle puzzle, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Lewdle puzzle, including some hints, tips, and the official answer.


Lewdle Hints & Tips For Tuesday, June 21

Thankfully, today’s Lewdle word only consists of five letters. There are a total of two vowels and three consonants in the June 21 puzzle, with the first letter being ‘H’ and the final letter being ‘O’. There are also no repeating letters throughout the word.

Players can also make use of the two Lewdle modes available, which aim to make things a little easier. The first is known as ‘Just The Tip’, which allows Lewdle players to reveal a single letter in the puzzle, but can only be used once per guess and will incur a penalty to your daily score. Whilst the second mode, ‘Ghost Guesses’, allows the player to also guess valid five-letter words in six-letter Lewdle puzzles but will again incur a small penalty to their daily score.

What Is The Lewdle Answer Today? (Tuesday, June 21)

The official Lewdle answer and word of the day for Tuesday, June 21 is HIMBO. According to the official Lewdle description for today’s answer, a himbo is an attractive but unintelligent man.

To ensure you don’t lose your perfect Lewdle streak, make sure to input today’s answer before 9PM PT / 12AM ET / 5AM BST, as this is when a new puzzle arrives for Wednesday, June 22. As always, players will be able to check back in with DualShockers tomorrow for the next word of the day.

Visit to get in on the action; Lewdle can be played for free from any web browser, as long as you’ve got an active internet connection.

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